Training Institutes Management System (TIMS)

Education Managment System Main Highlights

Grading System Management

Courses / Events Management

Corporate Clients Management

Faculties Management

Student Management

Manage Institute’s operations

TIMS Features

Student Profile / Performance:

  • All student information – admission details, course assigned to, personal details, emergency contact etc. is available at any time to the administrator.
  • Administrator can login and make updates to the information available.
  • Enables to track the history of the student.
  • Enables to print the Student Reports ( Performance / Exams Results / Attendance / Course Schedule) .
  • Enables to attach student documents to his profile, and they are available any time to the administrator.

Faculty  Profile :

  • Manage Records of all Academic Staff
  • Link academic staff to subjects and classes/sections
  • Restrict access based on Subject and Class assigned
  • Generate Staff ID automatically
  • Add information about Staff such as Academic Qualification, Professional Qualification and more
  • Update student information pertaining to leaves, exam & results

Course Profile :

Courses hold the major chunk for learning

  • Administrator can login and create new Courses / Update Details of available Courses.
  • All Courses information – admission details, assigned faculity, Sales details, Available Batches etc. is available at any time to the administrator
  • Enables to track the course sale activities / invoices generated /payments done.
  • Enables to Organize the courses hierarchy. i.e. Enables to create a parent course with one or many children courses
  • Enables to create a batch for the course, a fee structure and so on.

Time Tables:

  • Enables to Manage all the different aspects of the process, including:
    • The allocation of faculty to the classes
    • Announcing an important event
    • Coming up with a change in time allocation for the faculty can be a day-to-day activity
  • Enables to add an item to the timetable, delet a pre-defined class or allocate a new class to a new faculty in no time.

Attendance :

  • Enables to record the students attendance using the use Attendance Registers and Attendance Sheets
  • Enables the Faculty members to easily create new register or attendance sheet with a single click
  • Enables the Faculty members choose to import both attendance register and attendance sheet.

Assignments :

Assignments are made for the sole purpose of checking students’ knowledge at regular intervals.

  • Enables the faculty to creat/ update and assign assinments to the course students
  • Enables the faculty to attach the assignment documents to the assignment profile
  • Enables to attach the student assignment solution document to the assignment profile

Exams Managmnet :

  • Enables Administrator/Faculty to define an exam
  • Enables conducte and evaluate the Exam
  • Enables the Faculties to assign marks to the subjects
  • Enable the Faculties to configure a grading system
  • Enables the Faculties to create and update exam timetable

Benefits Of Real Estate Managment System

  • Benefits for Administrators
    • Multiple institute management using single system
    • Comprehensive student information
    • Detailed courses information
    • Student Reports
    • Faculty Reports
    • Parent/Student portal
    • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Benefits for Faculty
    • Rapid Attendance taking
    • One-click Student Report & Performance generation
    • Communication with parents
    • Students academic progress
    • Receiving payslips on time
    • Minimal Data entry