AZ Consulting is an Odoo Gold Partner Bahrain-based company providing IT management consulting services across the GCC. We help organizations get the maximum ROI from their investment on IT. We focus on SMEs across all industries with the objective of making IT as their business enabler and a source of competitive advantage. Odoo ERP is a cornerstone in our proposed IT architecture towards this objective. We, at AZ, believe that Technology will not have the desired impact without the effective performance of People and Business Processes. Hence, our services to SMEs cover all of these three dimensions.


We have a broad vision to perform as a leader for enterprise IT and to stay current as technology evolves. We are prepared to take companies into next-generation IT for their profitability and success. We have a particular vision in which we cultivate SMEs in order to strengthen their IT organizations at granular levels. Our vision involves your journey, from project inception through to completion and beyond.


Our mission is to understand the needs of our clients, take each challenge as one that is unique and different, learn from these challenges, and pass on all that we learn to our valued clients. As IT infrastructures transform, our mission is to keep up with the times and continually offer innovative IT solutions to our customers.


At AZ Consulting, we stand behind a set of core values that are proven to result in positive outcomes for our clients. We stand behind TRUST: Transformative, Respectful, Unified, Strategic, Trusted.

  • Transformative—taking you into new decades with the right IT solutions
  • Respectful—always giving 110% to meet our customers’ goals
  • Unified—relying on a team approach to solve your IT challenges
  • Strategic—standing behind a solid strategy and a custom plan that fit  your needs
  • Trusted—offering you our promise to give you the best products and services

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Products & Services

Our enterprise-level services are designed to provide your organization with strategic IT consulting and support that align with your company objectives as technology evolves. These pivotal components work in harmony to support your IT infrastructure, and our AZ professionals have the education and experience in how these components affect your enterprise organization.

Technology is a business enabler and source of competitive advantage for nearly every company. Part of your IT infrastructure planning process includes a critical first phase where we learn more about your business and develop an IT strategy that aligns with your overall business goals. At AZ Consulting, we prepare you for a digital transformation.
    • With nowadays advances and trends in IT systems, the wide range of systems available per business sector, and the big investments organizations are putting in acquiring IT systems, selecting the right IT system becomes a very challenging undertaking. On the other hand, the risks associated with the selection of IT systems are increasing in terms of impact and likelihood. Adopting a comprehensive and effective system selection methodology addresses these challenges and mitigate these risks.
  • Scope/Approach:

IT Projects often fail due to poor or no IT  project management planning. When you invest in effective project management support, the likelihood of positive business result in nearly certain. When IT activities are in harmony with business activities, success is imminent.

AZ Consulting have the right caliber and experience, and follow standard IT project management methodologies to ensure successful implementation of an IT transformation program, or prescribe an action plan to get a faltering project back on track.

If IT doesn't work, it has a big impact on your enterprise organization. Companies need to maximize ROI from IT; hence proper IT governance must be in place.   When you rely on AZ Consulting, we review your current IT state including governance, policies and procedures, technology environment, IT function/service management, IT portfolio management, alignment with your business strategy, and more. We make recommendations and an implementation roadmap that will enhance your opportunities.
In order to improve operational excellence of your business, we must first learn about your current business processes as they run today. Often, documentation or mapping of "as-is" business processes is part of a comprehensive business process re-engineering exercise. In other cases, it's required for capturing of organization knowledge or as requirement for a new system implementation.
At AZ Consulting, we use standard business process modeling tools to help you make relevant and positive decisions based on your surroundings. In this phase we identify process ownership, controls, boundaries, and workflow to your advantage.
Our business process improvement (BPI) phase begins with analysis of your processes in order to identify areas for improvement such as better turnaround time, more effective controls, reduced cost, and more. Our consultants then come up with the right processes and a strategy for how to implement them. This often involves identifying root causes to your issues, evaluating underlining systems for automation, introducing learner methodology, and improving cycle times, to name a few. We use best practices in defining proven industry processes to pass down so that your enterprise remains competitive and profitable.
AZ Consulting has extensive experience in assisting organisation with their business continuity management. Our approach is based on ISO 22301 standard and other industry frameworks. AZ Consulting’s extensive experience in business process management and strategic IT contributes to providing organisations with a practical and effective approach.
Our consultants can support internal and external auditors with the following audit reviews:
IT general controls  (ITGC) relate to your business system components, data, and processes. When a IGTC audit is performed, your organization is examined for due diligence in in terms of IT safety, risk, concerns, disaster recovery planes, and overall IT infrastructure. It helps you manage to IT compliance regulation and impending cybersecurity vulnerabilities and be prepared in case of the unexpected. An ITGC audit is a sound procedure that you as a new or evolving company should not be without. Our AZ Consultants team is here to help.
An application controls audit involves your company's input and output functions as well as processing practice.When you are working with many applications and associated data, you need peace of mind that your information is always accurate, complete, valid, and archived in the case of an emergency situation. AZ Consulting helps to ensure new or existing internal processing is sound, stable, and relevant to your business needs and the future of your organization.
At AZ consulting, our IT audit processes result in precision reporting and analysis that plays a critical role in your company's future forecasting, planning and success rate. We relay on the tools and technology to oversee your enterprise audit and results that guide you to improve your operations end eventually your outcomes.
AZ Consulting is Bahrain-based Odoo official partner providing tremendous scope of Odoo customization where all kinds of business needs can be satisfied and could be further enhanced later if required with ease. More than 3.7 million Users are running their business with Odoo and around 5000 inbuilt modules are ready to use. We are glad to be a part of Odoo and to provide the quality services without any compromise.

Know More ?
Whether you are just getting started or you are growing your small or medium business (SMB), our choice IT service selection gives you the autonomy you require at the level you need it. These service offerings are designed to integrate with your work environment and improve the way you do business. Our AZ professional consultants are skilled in every facet of IT to help you choose the best possible solutions for your SMB.

We provide input to the business feasibility study, covering the IT requirements and related spending that would be required for the new business. Jointly with our partners, we can also provide comprehensive feasibility study giving a professional assessment of your business, covering technical feasibility, profitability and financial viability. Such study will be required for getting bank loan and financial grant from Tamkeen.
  • During business startup, we identify all the technology setup required (hardware, software, services, etc.).
  • We will manage the whole process of acquiring these requirements (systems selection, vendors selection, contracts/costs negotiations, etc.).
  • We will conduct technical and financial analysis on the most feasible approach to host the business applications (cloud vs. on-premise).
  • We will manage the implementation project and ensure that the company has the right setup to fulfill its business operation.
  • We will put the right IT support model in place and give annual forecast of IT costs.
  • IT outsourcing helps SMEs to
    • reduce costs related to IT;
    • access new technologies; and
    • improve customer services relying on IT.
  • We can provide three levels of IT outsourcing:
    • provide IT resources on contract basis;
    • management of the IT function of the company; and
    • provide all required IT services (systems, hardware, connectivity, people) according to an SLA contract.
  • Due to economic situation, SMEs are under intense pressure to reduce their OPEX and IT is a key potential for big cost reduction.
  • We will analyze all IT spend of the SME and come up with a number of key cost optimization initiatives.
  • We will categorize these into “quick wins” and long-term initiatives. We will provide a “road map” for implementing each set of initiatives.
  • We can manage the implementation of the approved initiatives.
When you are ready to establish your online presence through the superior design and development of your company website, AZ Consulting have the skills. Our digital package includes the components of your company identity including a logo, tagline, headlines, color themes, and more. We work with several design and content partners to create your online identity and brand image including the setup and management of your social media accounts. We make your presence known.

What our clients say

I used AZ Consulting services to customize and implement Odoo ERP software for our business. Though we had some special customization needs for Our business, AZ Consulting nevertheless successfully implemented all our requirements. I also found their consultants very cooperative, flexible and very easy to deal with. Thank you AZ Consulting.

Fadel Rabea Founder and Managing Director / AdCharge Trading

AZ Consulting has been a great partner in our digital transformation initiatives, starting from implementing a new EMR and ERP system till the design and management of our digital presence.

Dr. Ali Ebrahim Dr. Ali Alhakeem Dental Center

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